Eric RaymondSenior Vice President

    Favorite adventure: Backpacking

    Favorite flavor: Sierra Trail Mix

    My first backpacking trip was to Yosemite. A friend and I decided to hike 12 miles the first day, no problem. We neglected to calculate elevation into the equation. Over the course of the hike, burning what must have been 32,982 calories, we not willing to stop to unpack and cook – there were too many miles to go. Instead, we ate Clif bars to keep us going. I remember saving the Cool Mint Chocolate Clif Bar for dessert, as a reward for making it (because: icing). I’ve learned a lot since then, but no trip is begun without first stocking up on Clif Bars. I hike with a Clif Bar in my hip belt for when hunger pains hit on the trail. These days it’s most often Sierra Trail Mix.

    Here in the Bay area, I’ve buried myself in communication theories and sustainability practices. I joined Fenton to lead projects like we’ve proposed for Clif and to bring 15 years of experience in PR, entertainment marketing and digital, along with an MBA in sustainable management from Presidio Graduate School.

    Previously I managed Google’s global “green” PR, where I held the line amidst inquiries from media about green building, resource allocation, clean energy, water, and emissions related to data centers. Prior to Google, I started Edelman’s digital Business + Social Purpose practice, lead the The North Face corporate business and worked on exec comms, crisis, and the creation and launch of a down feather supply chain standard. I also worked with Adobe, Best Buy, Brita Filter for Good and on other CSR campaigns. I’ve lectured on the risks of CSR communications and how to use humor for effective communication for social change and I have a passion for leveraging the resources, speed and innovation of forward-thinking businesses to make the world a better place.

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