Ira ArlookChief of Advocacy Campaigns

    Favorite adventure: Hiking

    Favorite flavor: Blueberry Crisp

    Ira Arlook is Chief of Advocacy Campaigns at Fenton Communications, a firm that works for clients on issues including labor and human rights, global warming, economic policy, environmental justice, war and peace.  In addition to his work with Fenton, Mr. Arlook serves as the executive director of New Economy Communications, which he founded in 1998 with former Congressman Tom Andrews.  Mr. Arlook has led Fenton’s work for clients including, the Iraq Policy Information Project, Win Without War, United to End Genocide,  the Institute for New Economic Thinking, the Roosevelt Institute, the Center for Economic and Policy Research, Kresge Foundation’s environmental justice work on port communities and diesel pollution, and many others. Before joining Fenton, Mr. Arlook worked in the nonprofit sector for more than two decades, with a strong emphasis on issues of social and economic justice. He also serves on the board of the Public Defender Service of Washington, DC.

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