Nicole VillanuevaAccount Coordinator

    Favorite adventure: Taekwondo

    Favorite flavor: Chocolate Chip

    From taekwondo to soccer to cycling, I love being active. I play a variety of sports in addition to outside activities like hiking and cycling since I was a young girl and when I entered my junior year of college I wanted to try something I never played before. I decided that I would challenge myself by picking up lacrosse and made the UC San Diego Women’s Lacrosse team. I remember how grueling 5 a.m. practices used to be and having to go to practice two hours a day five days a week plus games on the weekends. I had my pre-game ritual and got ready to play by eating a Chocolate Chip Clif Bar to get me energized and ready. They were a significant part of my diet when I was a college athlete and I was able to go from a beginner who was just learning how to play lacrosse to a starter the next year. Having the experience of diving head first into lacrosse with no prior knowledge gave me the confidence, discipline and focus to overcome anything I set my mind to.

    When I’m not cradling a lacrosse stick, I fuel my passion for marketing, communications and social change at Fenton, focusing on research, message development and media relations for a variety of clients including JUST Water. Prior to Fenton, I completed a six-month internship with VolunteerMatch as part of their marketing and communications team, as well as B2B marketing platform BrightTALK, where I managed online conferences and promotional strategies.

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